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Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga refers to the practices aimed at attaining yoga. It encompasses all aspects of yoga practices.

Kriya Yoga is a complete form of all yoga practices aimed at purifying the body and mind, enhancing concentration, comprehending moral philosophies, and cultivating devotion and faith in one's Supreme Self.

Kriya Yoga is primarily divided into eight limbs, which is called Ashtanga Yoga (Ashta means 8, and anga means limbs). Hatha Yoga incorporates the initial 4 limbs: Yamam, Niyamam, Asanam, and Pranayamam. Raja Yoga encompasses the subsequent 4 limbs: Pratyaharam, Dharanam (concentration), Dhyanam (meditation), and Samadhi. Kundalini Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Tantric Yoga, Mantras, Mudras, Bandhas, Ayurveda, Astrology etc., are all sub-practices within this framework.

Whether you are a beginner in Kriya Yoga or any kind of yoga, or have been practising for many years or are somewhere in between, Lenish will begin with a careful analysis of your health condition, mindset, and life force energy and finally design a unique Kriya Yoga practice tailored to meet your individual needs.

By the time you finish the 5 days of consecutive Kriya Yoga Initiation, which is taught in a Guru-Sishya tradition, you will be able to practice by yourself at home and be ready to start exploring the magic of true Kriya Yoga and Meditation! From this point, you can start sharing your experiences and ask any yoga and meditation related questions to your Guru Lenish, and he will guide you through each stage.

This powerful and authentic Kriya Yoga practice can take you to higher states of consciousness and change your life by developing your mind, body, intellect and awareness of the spiritual self in no time compared to other modern yoga practices available today. If you are someone seeking the fastest route to spiritual enlightenment, then look no further and book your sessions with Lenish John now.

kriya yoga breathing

Branches of Kriya Yoga

Below are traditional yogic practices of Kriya Yoga for your spiritual self-realisation

Ashtanga Yoga : To progress to a higher level of yoga, one must engage with the eight limbs of yoga practice. By diligently practising these eight levels, individuals can attain physical health and mental health. Following are eight Limbs of Yoga - Yamam, Niyamam, Asanam, Pranayamam, Prathyaharam, Dharana, Dhyanam, Samadhi. - Pathanjali Yoga Sutram 2-29

Hatha Yoga : Hatha Yoga typically encompasses the first four steps of Ashtanga Yoga: Yama, Niyama, Asana and Pranayama. The purpose of Hatha Yoga is to prepare individuals for spiritual practices by purifying both the body and mind.

Raja Yoga : Raja Yoga, often referred to as the "Royal Path," actually comprises the last four limbs of Ashtanga Yoga: Prathyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi. Raja Yoga aims to achieve self-realization and union with the divine self.

Kundalini Yoga : Kundalini Yoga is a yogic practice aimed at awakening and harnessing the Kundalini energy, which resides at the base of the spine within the Muladhara Chakra. Through the Pranayama techniques, practitioners seek to raise this energy up through the body's energy centres, ultimately reaching the Ajna Chakra, also known as the third eye centre.

Karma Yoga : The spiritual way of consistently approaching life with equanimity leads to a state of yoga, wherein one neither becomes overjoyed by the positive outcomes of karma, nor overly saddened by the negative outcomes experienced in daily life.

Jnana Yoga : A divine method of entering into yoga involves controlling the mind and karma, while also integrating other necessary knowledge to attain the Supreme realization of "Aham Brahmasmi" - I am the Supreme itself. Knowledge can be acquired through listening to and reading spiritual scriptures, and then refining that understanding through meditation.

Bakthi Yoga : Bhakti Yoga is a spiritual method of controlling the mind and actions and finding eternal bliss through faith and devotion to the Supreme.

Tantric Yoga : A tantric approach to yoga involves awakening and channelling dormant spiritual energies, using various techniques such as mantras, yantras, meditation and other rituals. Aiming for spiritual realization through direct experience and interaction with external energy sources, tantric practices often emphasize the integration of the mundane and the divine. Through Tantric practices, practitioners strive to overcome dualities and limitations to realize the unity of the individual (Atman) with the Universal Consciousness (Brahman).

Holistic Healing for Physical and Mental Health

A combination of Kriya Yoga and Ancient Vedic Healing Techniques to accelerate spiritual journey.

To go deeper into yoga, one has to remove from the body the ailments that obstruct yoga practice and meditation. The impurities and energy barriers in the body can seriously affect the course of the spiritual journey. Atharvanic is a powerful healing method from the Vedas (sacred scripts) to remove impurities from the body and mind. 

Daily practice of Kriya Yoga radiates strong vitality to the body and mind. Atharvanic is a method used to harness the life force, thus radiated in a way that suits the body and mind. Moreover, this treatment with Kriya Yoga effectively improves mental and physical health.

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