Holistic Healing from the Vedic Science

Remove impurities from the mind and body to accomplish self-realisation through the 'Atharvanic Kriya' Healing practice.

Atharvanic Kriya is a holistic healing method to improve mental and physical health to achieve spiritual goals in Kriya Yoga. This healing method combines knowledge from ancient India's Vedas (sacred scripts), which are 'Atharvaveda' and 'Kriya Yoga'. This highly effective system can improve one's overall health and well-being and helps to discover one's true spiritual self.

Lenish offers this unique self-healing practice to his students seeking to accelerate their spiritual growth and easily step into the advanced stages of Yoga.

Atharvanic kriya healing does not involve any internal medicine. It is an excellent choice for those seeking self-realization by improving their health unless strictly prohibited by a medical professional.

Tantric Healing

A spiritual healing touch to relieve emotional trauma.

Tantric Healing is a sacred practice that removes suppressed emotional blockages and opens one's spiritual life path. Only a Yoga Guru with enough spiritual experience in Kriya Yoga and deep knowledge of the divine connection of body- mind can impart this method to his student.

Whether the individual is aware or unaware of the energy block, it slowly destroys one's natural self. The yoga philosophy behind this practice is that most human health conditions are deeply connected to emotions and life force energy, so until there is a balance between these, someone cannot be truly healthy and happy. This powerful yogic healing provides significant positive changes in one's well-being and outlook.

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Shirodhara for the best meditation experience

Pouring aromatic oil on the forehead

This holistic self-healing method may remove excess heat from the busy-minded head and support stimulating energy circulation, thus creating a blissful sensation. This ancient healing method involves developing a unique blend of high-quality oils with health benefits for each individual.

Good for the following conditions:

  • Good for a deep meditation experience
  • Mind relaxation
  • Helps better Sleep
  • Stress and anxiety-related Headaches
  • Mind-body connection etc.
  • and many more...

Kizhi Massage for best Kriya yoga Asana

Herbal pouch massage

Kizhi massage is one of the ancient self-healing methods used by Yogis to relieve body-related pain and other blockages. It involves a massage using a herbal pouch and warm aromatic herbal oil over the whole body or focused areas depending on the individual's health condition. This treatment may help unblock the body's blood and energy circulations and remove impurities.

Good for the following conditions:

  • To do Yoga Asanas perfectly
  • Helps to reduce body pain and improve movements
  • Enhances tone and strengthens muscles
  • Detox skin & muscles
  • Improving energy circulation etc.
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Nadi Swedhan for best Pranayama experience

Herbal Steam

Nadi Swedhan is one the most sought-after treatments used by Yogis in ancient times to make their spiritual journey faster by easing inflammations and other impurities from the body. It involves herbal steam for the whole body or focus areas depending on the individual's health condition.

Good for the following conditions:

  • To do pranayama & breathwork easily
  • Supports respiratory health
  • Relieve sinus congestion
  • Reduce inflammation and body Stiffness
  • and many more...