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About Lenish John

Lenish was born in 1982 in Kerala, a spiritually and culturally rich part of South India. For the past two decades, he has become a Kriya Yoga Guru and a holistic healer under his Master's teaching and permission.

Raised in a strong family lineage of spiritual and ancient healing, he continued his spiritual journey and, in high school, came across Sanskrit, one of the ancient languages still alive today. Specialising in Sanskrit provided him with invaluable esoteric knowledge about nature and life as Vedic manuscripts of ancient times were documented in Sanskrit.

Lenish was spiritual in nature and was obsessed with channelling his spiritual energy through art at the age of 19. This self-discovery inspired him to study for a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. While studying fine arts, Lenish happened to meet his Yoga Master, Yogacharya Sri Jos Jacob, an internationally awarded Yoga Guru from a lineage dating back to Vedic India. This encounter helped him gain more insight into spirituality and set him on a new journey.

Throughout his intensive Yoga training, he had to strictly follow spiritual ethics and perform Vedic practices, such as Mantras (sound frequency of healing), the Art of Yantra (mystical diagram of geometrical elements), and Tantric Healing. Travelling through nature and sacred places to understand the orientation of energy and its magnetic field was also part of his training. He also assisted his Guru with the elderly and sick patients. As he followed a traditional one-on-one Yoga training (teacher-disciple) method, he was also exposed to many other esoteric Yoga techniques that have nearly been lost over the years. After 9 years of regular practice under the guidance of his Guru, he was chosen to be the next Guru out of many other dedicated disciples, to continue this ancient method of yoga.

In 2009, encouraged by his Guru, Lenish travelled to Australia to spread this ancient healing knowledge to the western world. The Australian Government recognised his exceptional experience in Yoga healing and happily welcomed him with a ‘ Distinguished Talent Visa’ to share his knowledge and wisdom with the Australian community. As a Yogi, Lenish believes being in Australia is a continuation of his spiritual journey so that he may combine Indian Vedic knowledge with Australian indigenous practices. He has already achieved a high success rate in healing many health conditions in Australia and India.


  • Honorary Doctorate in Yoga.
  • Recipient of Distinguished Talent Visa from the Australian Government.
  • East Asia Excellence Yogacharya Award 2017, Vietnam
  • ONV Smaraka Sevansresta Puraskaram, Kerala
  • Kalimala Varambathi Yogacharya Puraskar 2017, Kerala
  • Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, India
  • Diploma in Yoga & Massage, India
  • Master Level Kriya Yoga Teacher
  • Member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists